The Top 4 “Secrets” That Get Buyers Paying As Much as 18% More For Your Home!

Secret #1: Fix Problem Issues Before Your Buyer Gets An Inspection (Value: 2-4% of Sales Price)

One of the most frequent things that knock the sales price down is a bad inspection. Any smart homebuyer will have your home inspected, and if the inspection has problems, they always use those problems to negotiate down the price … and you’ll lose an average of as much as 2-4% of your price when they do. How do you conquer this? Simple! Get your own home inspection. Find out what an inspector says are problems … then fix them first before your home goes on the market. The few dollars you’ll spend in repairs far outweigh what you’ll keep by not negotiating down your price.

Secret #2: Upgrade Your Home And Make It Desirable (Value: 2-5% of Sales Price)

The second secret is upgrading your home. With the right expertise you can upgrade strategic areas in your home and make a huge impact on your sales price. This is where I, as an experienced Realtor, can make a big difference. You can spend money on upgrading some things and get no increase. But you can invest money in other things and net as much as $10,000 more in the sales price. Overall, when done right, a strategic “home upgrade” can impact sales price as much as 2-5%. For a $300,000 home … that’s as much as $15,000!

Secret #3: Set Your Buyer’s Mind At Ease With A Home Warranty (Value: 2% of Sales Price)

The third secret is a home warranty. You’ve probably seen these already, but did you know they can impact the price of your home as much as 2%? A warranty gives your buyer peace of mind in the buying process, making it easier for them to buy your home over one without a warranty.

Secret #4: Use Expert Staging To Make Buyers Love Your Home (Value: 6-10% of Sales Price)

And the fourth secret is expert staging. Unless you’ve sold a lot of homes, this one can be tricky. “Staging” is how you set up your home to show. It’s everything from little repairs, to color selections, to placing the right furniture where it belongs and putting wrong furniture in storage. It’s all about making your home more desirable, and a professionally staged home can usually net as much as 6-10% more in its sales price. That’s as much as a $30,000 increase in the final sales price on a $300,000 home. That’s impressive!

Add those together, and you can get as much as 18% more on the sale of your home … plus your home will sell a lot quicker!

These Are Just The Beginning Of What Makes A Home Sell For Top Dollar …

These 4 “secrets” are just of a few of the reasons my clients’ homes sell as fast and for as much money as they do. Here’s what I mean…

An old businessman had an employee come to him and say “Boss, I’m quitting. I’m going to start my own business and compete against you.” At that, the old business owner said, “that’s okay, but just remember two things.” And the employee said, “what things?” The old business owner said, “Number 1, I taught you everything you know. And Number 2, I didn’t teach you everything I know!”

In the same way, these 4 secrets are just the “tip of the iceberg”, so to speak. There’s another 15 or 20 things I haven’t even told you about I do that sells my homes for more money!

I’d love to share how I can help sell your home faster and for more money. Just pick up the phone and call me right now, or send me an email. You’ll find my contact information on the bottom of this page.

Kevin Jones

Keller Williams Realty


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